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How to download FULL software

To download the software is very easy, just head to bottom of the page you want to download and you will find the download instructions there.

The first step is to SHARE or LIKE us on any social media sites, use the button located on the left side of CrackMyMac – like you are seeing right now. You can also use other social sites.

The next step is to download the file. After you have done step 1, click the download button to download it directly. That’s it!

How to download individual Password?

  1. Be default, each files are password protected. You have to complete a simple offer before you can unzip the full application. This is to protect our files from unwanted SPAM.
  2. After you have downloaded the software, extract the file to your computer. Open the “Read me FIRST.txt” inside the folder.
  3. Copy & paste the password link into your browser. Click the download button.
  4. There should be a window with a list of offers/surveys to fill in. If it does not show, disable your adblock.
  5. Choose one offer to complete. There are 3 common types of offers.
  6. (1) Pin Submit Offers – The easiest and fastest option available. Usually pin submits requires you to subscribe to their services like game downloads, wallpapers, ringtones and much more. You can know this type of offer when you see an example like below : pin-submit-example Make sure you enter a REAL phone number because you need to send a confirmation code as the final step. The password will be automatically unlocked once you have completed the final step which can be easily done within a few seconds.
  7. (2) Email/Zip Submit Offers – As the name suggests, you have to key in your email address, zip code and some additional info to make this work. DO NOT use fake data because it will not work, trust me! Email/zip submit offers are usually a participation to win certain prizes such as gift cards, testing sample products, win cash and so much more. See example below : Once you have entered your data, you will be redirected to additional survey pages. A few rules to remember, If you have the choice between YES and NO, always click NO & If you have the possibility to SKIP the survey, do it. This will save you a lot of time. More often than not, the final step(most important) would require purchasing products to unlock the password. Usually, you only need ONE purchase so choose the cheapest one available. For me, it is not a bad deal because you will get the purchased product + chance to win the grand prize and most importantly the password to unlock the file. Fortunately, not all email/zip submit offers require a purchase. Big names such as Starbucks, Oreo, Glade & Burger King will often ask potential customers to try out their products in exchange for joining their research program. So basically, there is no need to purchase anything to unlock password. You just need to complete their surveys!
  8. (3) Mobile Install – Only available for mobile devices. To complete this, you will need to Install an application to your Android or iOS devices. Sometimes, it requires additional tasks like upgrading to a certain level. As easy as it sounds, mobile install unfortunately have a daily limit. So, be sure to choose this as soon as it is available.
  9. Sometimes when you have waited too long and there is still no response, you need to go back and try another offer because there might be an error in the system. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we have no control on this. Just try until you succeed.
  10. If you are having problems completing offers from your MacBook, iMac or any desktop computer, the best solution is to switch to your mobile devices. This is because almost all mobile offers are Pin Submit which is the easiest to complete. Open your phone’s browser and visit the password link again. Complete one offer to get the password and that’s it! MAKE SURE TO USE REAL PHONE NUMBER FOR VERIFICATION.

We let you download the file for FREE but by locking it with surveys is the only way to protect our files from leechers. Thank you for understanding!